Marcus Garvey Preparatory


School/Community Center

A 23 acre site has been set aside for the school and community center. The school will consist of 7 building of 28 classrooms each when completed. The school will include two Gymnasiums/Hall built side by side. The hall Gymnasium will also have a stage. There will be playing fields to cover most of the major sports, toilets and Shower rooms will also be provided.

About Marcus Garvey Prep School

The school was established in 2008 with 18 children. The Ideal was to create the highest possible education in a village environment to prove that our children are capable of a much more than they are credited with. The school is a community school nonprofit, so we do not charge school fees and most of our funding is from able donors is what has helped us till today. At the moment our challenges are insufficient classrooms space and unreliable vehicles to take children to and from school, so we will need a new school bus. Some of the children needs sponsorship as their parents are not in the position to assets with their needs.

Our future plans are to create a school of science, performing art and also have the actual school building built.

We appeal to individuals and organisations to support us through cash, products, services and any way possible to implement our agenda.

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