Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, timeshare makes perfect sense. In fact, why wouldn't you re-direct funds from a vacation rental position to an equity position? Timeshare can cost as little as £175 a week for 6 people, that is £29.16p per person per week fixed for twenty years.

Attractive financing is available in most cases. We also stand ready to advise you on financing alternatives. Our financing plan allows you to secure a timeshare for a deposit of £1,000.00 with payments as little as £100.00 a month for 60 months.

Yes. In fact, you may actually get more accrued but unused benefits that may carry over to you with your purchase. There may be minor exceptions.

It is a well-documented fact that 40% to 50% of developer costs are directly sales and marketing related! Beyond that, large administrative overheads are typical for major timeshare providers. With Garveytown you only pay for the fair market value of the timeshare itself.

That is our job. You must first determine what you are looking for in vacation experiences. We will help structure your requirements until you agree that an "ideal" scenario has been prepared. Then, we go to work suggesting properties and price points that best fit your budget. Only when you are satisfied that it works for your situation and lifestyle will you commit to a purchase. There is never a cost to you for our consulting services.

Ownership is to be enjoyed by fixing costs now, locking out inflation and securing a high-quality vacation lifestyle for the lifetime of the timeshare. If your circumstances change, it is comforting to know you own an asset that can be sold. Try doing that with the next hotel room you rent! Resale price will be influenced by many factors, including the quality of and demand for the timeshare you own. Of course, we will be given first choice to buy back the rest of your timeshare. Or we will be here to assist you if you wish to sell at sometime in the future. High quality/demand properties will bring the best return.
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