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Globally the industrial hemp business is projected to grow at an annual compound rate of 34% to 26.6 billion USD by 2025.
Ghana recently passed the Narcotics Control Commission Act, 2020 (Act 1019). This Act repealed the Narcotic Drugs (Control, Enforcement, and Sanction) Act, 1990, PNDC Law 236, which criminalized possession or importation of narcotic substances (cannabis inclusive).
Act 1019 provides a new status for cannabis and allows for the production of industrial hemp (which has THC  cap of 0.3%).
Section 43 of Act 1019 titled “Special provision relating to cannabis” reads:

the Minister, on the recommendation of the Commission, may grant a license for the cultivation of cannabis, which has not more than 0.3% THC content on a dry weight basis for the industrial purposes for obtaining fiber or seed or for medicinal purposes.
For the avoidance of doubt, a license granted under subsection (1) shall not be for the cultivation of cannabis for recreational use”.
GT Company intends to cultivate industrial hemp under Act 1019 to benefit from the first mover advantage associated with the Act. By making an early entry into cultivation of industrial hemp, it is anticipated that GT Co. Ltd would be in position to offer optimum returns on investment (ROI) to its investors.
There is a ready market for industrial hemp across the globe. In Ghana there is a reputable private sector institution that has offered to purchase industrial hemp (THC content less than 0.3%) produced in Ghana at guaranteed prices.

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     GT Company Ltd plans to supply 50,000 Kg of industrial hemp (THC cap of 0.3%) with a gross market value one million dollars ($ 1,000,000.00) quarterly on a piece of land measuring 65 acres more or less situate in the Central Region of the Republic of Ghana.
    GT Company Ltd  will as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities provide a health care facility and an ultramodern school complex for the operational community within 24 months of operation.

​​​​​​​In addition to this, the following will be at the core of GT Company Ltd activities:

Build state globally acceptable industry leveraging on high-end technology

Empower black investors with a revenue share objective

Create a tech transfer hub for budding entrepreneurs

Decrease poverty indices within the operational location.

Offer key employees the opportunity to own shares in GT Co. Ltd.

Operate a top-light Company with few executive layers at the hierarchy of the Company in order to avoid bureaucracy and promote efficiency.

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GT Company Ltd hereby offers prospective investors the following returns:
Join Garveytown Hemp project and get one share for free

The shares can only be bought by members of the Garveytown Hemp project family.

​​​​​​​To join fill out form and send £10 pound to us we give you one share and has a member of our family you can buy more at £6 a share we grarantee you fifty percent profit a year for the first two year, after we get our liences. we have fulfil all necessary critira to obtain our liences and are waitng the government .
We intend to put everthing in place, prepare the site and await the liences so that immediately after its issued we can start production.

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