At the heart of The Garveytown project is a group of committed Pan Africans who wish to create a living shrine as a memorial to those who lost their lives and to those who survived the Maangamizi ( Swahili meaning hellacaust of chattle colonial and neo colonial enslavement. Also the continuing of assault on our people wherever they have come into contacts with the european). Garveytown will serve as a place where Africans can live in an African environment or retreat to for a length of time. Our mission is to provide our community with advanced strategies to satisfy today’s demand in the area of homes and vacations on the African continent. We are Africans who possess a wide range of skills and training, who have come together to create a new kind of living experience.

    Garveytown gives our community for the first time the ability to buy rent or timeshare homes on the motherland. We believe the ability to visit or stay for some time in Garveytown before you commit your self to this important investment decision is vital, to ensure you know what you are buying. Garveytown is a part of the African Reparations Movement and hopes to offer the first Pan African resettlement and holiday venue. This will include tours to areas of importance in the history of Ghana.

    We offer full rites of passage for those who wish to integrate into Ghanaian society, including languages, culture and customs workshops. You will learn the history of West Africa and see the effects that the enslavement of African’s had on the Ghana we see today and the attempts being made to repair the damage. Our African ancestors who were victims of the European genocide, called commonly the transatlantic slave system, demand justice for their suffering during the Maangamizi. In order to show our respect for our ancestors who continue to encourage us in our fight for Reparations we intend to reunite two halves of a family separated by time, distance and the ravages of the Maangamizi.

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The need for Memorialization

There is a need for a memorial to remember those who died and those who survived. This memorial would not focus only on those who gained prominence but would remember those Africans who have in their small way done their bit to bring even one of us through the ‘‘Maangamizi’’.  

The cost of building the remembrance memorial wall will be covered by Garveytown. Anyone wishing to engrave a message on a till to an individual can do so at a cost. Each tile will be allocated 150 characters, however if a larger tile is require this will incur an additional cost. The cost per tile is …………………………per 150 characters

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Garveytown Fundraising

After five hundred (500) years of us waiting for our families in Africa to come and rescue us and them not even sending a single canoe, it became necessary to organise our own rescue plan. A small group decided to create a town in Ghana to create a place for returning Africans living together with our continental brothers in harmony. We have been coned, lied to and mistreated. People who do not understand the depth of our suffering, longing to be accepted once again as Africans. We have failed to raise all the funds we need to complete our project , so we are calling on Africans both continental and diaspora’s who can help us to complete this project. The project is a community one but we are willing to have investors who wish to receive a financial reward from taking part of the project that are economically viable and financially lucrative. However these returns will not be as much as you may like because funding for the community, part of the project is paramount.

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Historical Summary of Garveytown

The idea for Garveytown came out of the workshop at the global African congress (GAC) in Barbados in 2002. Garveytown was established on the ground in Ghana 2003. We acquired 300 acres of land in January 2004. The purpose of The Garveytown Project is to help diaspora Africans reintegrate into the African society. Garveytown aims to create the extended family structure that allows African society to function. The Garveytown Project also aims to create economic opportunities for returning Diaspora African and Africans locally to the project to create balance and order.

The Marcus Garvey preparatory school was established in 2008.The aim of the school is to provide a standard of education that is higher than anything in villages throughout Ghana and to rival the best schools in Ghana. The Marcus Garvey preparatory school also aims to teach history of African people in the diaspora as well as the continent.  The school also aims to create a vanguard that will promote the ideas of The Garveytown Project throughout through the continent of Africa.

“The so-called Trans-Atlantic “slave trade” was not trade but was in fact the Maangamizi, (The grate suffering) which is the loss of countless lives, families, cultures, language histories, and self-identity, theft of land and resources, and human possibilities. The Maangamizi was morally wrong and a crime against humanity.”

Executive Members

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Seba Garadina 

He is a project developer, youth worker and play worker, formal director of nubia foundation community foundation school and a repatriate to the motherland.

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Seba Winnora

She is one of the directors of afiwe radio station,  a medical secretary and a community activists 

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Seba Kweku

He is a community  activists,  an artist, a radio presenter and one of the founding members of the nubia African community foundation school.

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Seba Ama

She is the driving force of Marcus garvey preparatory school 🏫  a student of E.T.I

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Seba Nerfertari

A forensic social worker, member of nubia African community foundation school and driving force behind GarveyTown. 

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Seba Nii Kojo

He is a registered teacher in the UK, a community activists and one of the founders of the nubia African community foundation school.

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Anthony Lartey is A Commercial Litigation solicitor and employment lawyer with over 5 years’ experience.

Anthony Lartey qualified and spent a year at Yaw Barimah & Co., where he was a commercial litigation associate, before moving into private practice and has been a partner at LARTEY, BADOMBIE & CO., since 2016.

Anthony Lartey has extensive experience in commercial litigation involving small and large contractual disputes, fraud claims, shareholder and partnership disputes, insolvency and Landlord & Tenant. As well as being an experienced litigator, Anthony Lartey has undertaken many mediations and other forms of ADR.

Anthony Lartey is also an employment lawyer advising both employers and employees on cases involving unfair dismissal, redundancy and restrictive covenants including applications for injunctive relief.

Anthony Lartey is a member of the Ghana Bar Association.

Anthony Lartey works from LARTEY, BADOMBIE & CO. Winners Chambers in Adabraka, Accra and his particular expertise lies in providing sound commercial advice to clients designed to achieve their goals in the most economical way possible.

​​​​​​​Anthony Lartey lives in Tseado, Accra with his family and is a keen reader of novels especially African Writers series

The prime objective

The prime objective of the Garveytown project is to create maintain,

and defend a self sustaining Pan African community


The purpose of the Garveytown project is to mobilize, educate, and organize the global African community to achieve Reparations, which includes restitution.  Our responsibility is to bring to justice the criminals responsible for the Maangamizi, which is the loss of countless lives, families, cultures, histories, and self-identity, theft of land and resources, and human possibilities that continues up to present day.


Reparation is the process of self-repair, healing, and restoring of a people, injured because their group identity, and the violation of their fundamental human rights by individuals, corporations, religious and other institutions, governments and other entities.  The groups that has been injured have the right to obtain from individuals, corporations, religious or other institutions, governments, and other entities responsible for the injuries, whatever they determine is necessary to repair and heal themselves.  

Reparation is developing into a global Pan African movement in Africa the Americas North and South the Caribbean and in Europe and wherever our people are on planet earth. Where ever we are as Africans we have a sacred duty to fight for Reparation for damage done by Europeans, Jews, Arabs and others in their genocidal campaigns of invasion conquest, genocidal wars of occupation, resulting in wholesale slaughter, rape, theft, death and destruction of life and property and our way of life resulting in the Maangamizi/slavery, the greatest known acts of terrorism and genocide known to man.



“Before we can demand Reparation from anyone we must first start with self. Self-repair is the first leg of a long journey towards reparation. Most of our people when we hear the word reparation we think of money. Yes, a vast sum of money to be counted in the trillions is owed to us for all the unpaid work to build America and Europe. The whole white race becomes rich out of the rape and plunder of our lives, land and resources. Yet when we understand what Reparation is, money is not even one percent of what reparation is about. Reparation is mostly about making repairs, self made repairs on ourselves, mental repairs, psychological repairs, cultural repairs, organizational repairs, social repairs, institutional repairs, technological repairs, economic repairs, political repairs, educational repairs, repairs of every type that we need in order to recreate and sustain black societies, for the sad truth is that five centuries of holocaust have made our society brittle and unviable and as the great Marcus Garvey warned over 50 years ago if we continue as we are, we are heading for extinction.  

More important than any monies to be received, more fundamental than any lands to be recovered is the opportunity the reparations campaign offers us for the rehabilitation of Black people by Black people for Black people. Opportunities for the rehabilitation of our minds, our material conditions, our collective reputations, our cultures, our memories, and our self respect, our religious and political traditions and our family institution, but first and foremost for the rehabilitation of our minds.”  Chinweizu in his address to the O.A.U. at Abuja 1992

Business Opportunities

The Garveytown project is offering a number of business opportunities to people who become members.

For those whose intention is to relocate to Africa one of the main concerns will be how do I make a living for my family and myself?

To this end Garveytown is establishing a business complex comprising of more 60 units to house a range of business ventures. Garveytown has identified 35 business ventures that are necessary to the functioning of a community. This will leave 25 units that can cater to any other business ideas that can contribute to the smooth functioning of Garveytown

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The aim of the project is to reintegrate Africans from the rest of the world back

into continental African society through a process of rites of passage,

re-education relocation and providing opportunities to just come to visit for a while.

We plan to provide the following benefits to the local community through
a partnership of Diasporan Africans and local Africans working

together for the betterment of all involved.

Medical Center

A medical center is to be built in the near future of the GarveyTown project.

The medical center will consist of waiting rooms, consultation rooms,

dental surgeries and an operating theatre. Nutritionists,

Doctors, Nurse practitioners and Dentist are to be available to

members of Garveytown and to the local community.

School/Community Center

A 23 acre site has been set aside for the school and community center.

The school will consist of 7 building of 28 classrooms each when completed.

The school will include two Gymnasiums/Hall built side by side.

The hall Gymnasium will also have a stage.

There will be playing fields to cover most of the major sports,

toilets and Shower rooms will also be provided.

To build 300 homes for rent sale and timeshare

We aim to provide one hundred family homes for the local

community, one hundred and fifty family homes for

Diasporan Africans and fifty houses for timeshare and project workers use.

Work Provided 150-300 People

A team of 100 people building the houses, school, medical center

and community center. The joinery shop will consist of 20 people making furniture,

doors, windows, kitchen and door frames.

The tour company will consist of 20 people acting as guides,

cultural performers and local history teachers.

There will be 20 people working at the clothing and bedding shop.

We intend to manufacture curtains, quilt covers, pillowcases, bed spread, ladies,

gents and children’s clothing predominately for export.

There will be125 teaching staff when the school is completed.


The rites of passage team will consist of 20 workers.

The rite of passage program will consist of some traditional

and some modern method. The purpose of rites of passage is to develop

a method of thinking that helps in the good running of society,

the rite is carried out at the end of a program and not all members

of a program will complete the program successfully.

After five hundred years in western captivity it is a program that is necessary

to re-educate westernize African to understand the

damage that was done to them in there long sojourn.

Chicken Farm

A one acre site has been set aside for this part of the project.

The chicken farm will be a free-range site. There will be 6 members of staff.


We will keep ten hives of bees employing 2 people.

The purpose for this item is to ensure the best pollination on the farm;

it will also provide honey for the community.

Rest of members​​​​​​​

The rest of the staff will consist of teams of plumbers, electricians and road builders. There will be one hundred seasonal workers covering the cultural and entertainment of the project their duties will vary depending on what the activity is at the particular time. This group of people will be expected to be very flexible in their working and will be expected to learn new skills as the project develops.

Adult Education​​​​​​​

The adult education will take the form of skill sharing workshops. Education will also consist of Pan African Studies, literacy and numeracy, Twi  Fanti and Ga language classes; all members of the project will have to attend these classes no exceptions no excuses.

Pan-African movement​​​​​​​

As part of the pan-African movement, Garveytown will be inviting large numbers of Africans from around the world to visit and take part in some of our re-orientation programs. These programs will be geared to the reorientation to the minds of Africans who have been westernized.

Start a number of businesses

Each of the businesses mentioned previously e.g. chicken farm, clothing factory, joinery and furniture making shop; the Tour Company will be independent business run within the project. Their workers will also be shareholders.  The object here is to put an end to wage slavery. A 60-Acre site has been set aside for the communal farm. This farm will be using laborers to help with the weeding and harvesting but will be a community venture. All people living on site would be expected to play an active part in the preparation, the planting and harvesting of all crops. Food crops are not for sale but for community consumption.  

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1 I will speak the truth      
2 I will not speak or act as a hypocrite
3 I will not steal
4 I will not murder other Africans
5 I will not defrauded sacred offerings
6 I will not divert offering from their purpose  
7 I will respect sacred objects and places  
8 I will not submit to evil influence
9 I will be respectful and courteous
10 I will not cause or bring harm to other members of the project intentionally
11 I will not act deceitfully
12 I will not exploit another African  
13 I will respect cultivated land (farm land)
14 I will not slander or defame another Africans character  
15 I will not act in anger  
16 I will not harass in a sexual manner
17 I will not act in an unnatural manner
18 I will not bring fear or terror to the project
19 I will not transgress the codes
20 I will not spread sadness or grief
21 I will not act with disrespect
22 I will not spread malicious gossip or rumor
23 I will not prejudge or rush to judgment     
24 I will not exaggerate the truth  
25 I will abide by all reasonable judgments made by the council of elders
26 I will be unbiased and fair in my judgments 

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